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Nicotine EP / USP
Premium grade pure nicotinecGMPPharmaUSDMF, EDMFTechnical data sheet MSDS,
GMP certificate
Nicotine EP / USP
Premium grade pure nicotinecGMPE-liquidsUS FDA, TPMF filed,
Technical data sheet
MSDS, GMP certificate
Nicotine bases
Standard bases:
72mg/ml, 100 mg/ml
Custom bases: 6,12,18mg/ml
Propylene glycol(PG)
or Vegetable Glycerin(VG) bases
Premium grade nicotine
bases ‘ready to flavour’
cGMPE-liquidsREACH, TPDTechnical data sheet
MSDS, GMP certificate
Nicotine Ditartrate Dihydrate EPA pure crystalline salt of nicotine in powder formatcGMPPharmaUSDMF, EDMFTechnical data sheet
MSDS, GMP certificate
NEW Nicotine Ditartrate salt powderA pure crystalline salt of nicotine in powder formatcGMPSnus and liquids DIY home Mixing from powder formUS FDA, TPMF filed, REACHTechnical data sheet
MSDS, GMP certificate
Tobacco AbsoluteAn original base flavour for a real cigarette tastecGMPE-liquidsTechnical data sheet
MSDS, GMP certificate
Nicotine Resinate /
Nicotine Polacrilex
A nicotine ion-exchange resin
complex for controlled nicotine
release to the body
cGMPPharmaUSDMF, EDMFTechnical data sheet
MSDS, GMP certificate
NEW Nicotine Salts: Velvet, Smooth, Rush, Chill, SilverPremium grade nicotine
salt bases ‘ready to flavour
cGMPE-liquidsTPDTechnical data sheet MSDS, GMP/ISO certificate
NEW Nicotine Salicylate salt powdersA pure crystalline salt of nicotine in powder formatcGMPSnus and liquids DIY home Mixing from powder formTPD, REACHTechnical data sheet
MSDS, GMP certificate

The benefits of nicotine salts

The primary function of organic salt acids in nicotine salts are to help the nicotine salt vaporize at lower temperatures, to lower the pH levels in the nicotine salt, to improve nicotine absorption and to provide a “smoother throat hit” either because of the lower PH or desensitization of the throat. We offer a range of salts as each salt has slightly different modes of action, pharmacokinetics and characteristics. From an organoleptic perspective different salts also seem to work better with different flavours.

Velvet Salt

NicSelect Velvet Salt


For formulators, research indicates that nicotine levulinate may act to desensitizes the upper respiratory tract potentially allowing for the vaped nicotine to be inhaled deeper into the lungs.

Some studies also suggest that nicotine levulinate may enhance the binding of nicotine to neurons that ordinarily would be unresponsive to nicotine. Nicotine levulinate is slightly acidic (pH 4.4±0.5).

For vapers, nicotine levulinate was highly appreciated in our test panels with the best balance for smoothness and nicotine hit whilst having no or minimal influence on flavour.

Smooth Salt

NicSelect Smooth Salt


For formulators, nicotine benzoate appears to reduce or neutralize the taste of the nicotine and with a near neutral (pH 6.2±0.5) results in a easy and soft throat hit.

In research conducted by Li et al, nicotine benzoate was shown to have the best properties in taste, reduction of throat irritation and maintenance of nicotine stability making it one of the main and preferred salts for e-liquids.
For vapers, nicotine benzoate was one of the first salts to hit the market help create the nicotine salt buzz. Our test panels noted that it was the smoothest to vape while offering a rapid and notable nicotine hit

Rush Salt

NicSelect Rush Salt

Nicotine ditartrate (1:2)

For formulators, Nicotine ditartrate salt is commercialized extensively in smoking cessation products globally and, supported by years of use and research, is nowadays one of the more popular salts found in e-liquids.

Nicotine ditartrate has a near neutral taste when vaped making it a popular choice for formulation with all types of liquids and flavours combinations with the most rapid uptake and nicotine hit (rush) in our range. Nicotine ditartrate is slightly acidic (pH 3.2±0.2).

For vapers, nicotine ditartrate is extremely smooth but with a full on nicotine rush. Our test panels noted it had the quickest and most potent and closest to “cigarette like” nicotine uptake and hit.

Chill Salt

NicSelect Chill Salt

Nicotine salicylate (1:1)

For formulators, nicotine salicylate has a growing market share as salicylic acid is considered one of the more natural of the acid salts as is commonly found in fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, nuts, and teas. Like nicotine levulinate and nicotine benzoate the lower pH provides an enhanced and smoother vaping experience. Nicotine salicylate is slightly more acidic (pH 5.5±0.5).

For vapers. Our test panel found nicotine salicylate to be smooth with a “coolness” to the vape. Little or no flavour changes were reported and nicotine delivery was reported to be strong yet without any harsh throat hit.

Silver Salt

NicSelect Silver Salt

Nicotine Lactate (1:2)

For formulators, nicotine lactate provides another natural acid solution being found in dairy products such as cheese and yoghurt as well as naturally occurring in the human body. Nicotine lactate is one of the more acidic salts, but this does not negatively affect the vape experience (pH 4.0±0.5).

For vapers. Our testers reported nicotine lactate to be pleasant to vape with a mid-range nicotine delivery at low temperatures but without a strong throat hit. Interestingly nicotine lactate appeared to soften the nicotine taste in
the e-liquids, no other major flavour changes were reported, although some flavours needed to be added at higher concentrations as the nicotine lactate appears to soften or dampen some flavours.

Tobacco Absolute

The original base flavour for a real cigarette taste Tobacco Absolute (nicotiana tabacum l. leaf absolute) is the natural flavour extracted and refined from tobacco leaves with a sweet, mossy, woody and hay like flavour that is typical of tobacco.

Used in small amounts it is the ideal base aroma for tobacco flavoured e-liquids like American Gold, American Red and the classic French and British blends.



Alchem International is a leading global manufacturer of natural nicotine and nicotine complexes for use in Tobacco substitutes, including e-cigarettes, nicotine patches, nicotine gums and nicotine lozenges. Alchem NicSelect™ premium nicotine is used extensively in e-cigarettes and other nicotine replacement products throughout Europe, the Unites States and the rest of the world.


Since their introduction in 2006, e-cigarettes have reached an estimated global market value of 3 billion USD in 2014. With their exceptional growth and popularity, e-cigarettes have posed a challenge to other smoking cessation products as well as to the tobacco cigarette industry. 1Their rapid growth is expected to continue as consumers chose to avoid tobacco products. As of 2016, with the application of the European TPD (Tobacco Product Directive), the e-liquid and e-cigarette market will be more regulated to ensure a consistent product quality and provide a reference for European consumers. In the US, the next several months will be a challenge for many of Nicotine retailers you as you prepare to adhere to the FDA regulations and the PMTA (pre-market tobacco approval) requirements.

Alchem International NicSelect™ liquid nicotine is manufactured to the highest possible quality standards under pharmaceutical GMP conditions and subject to rigorous analytical controls to ensure the highest purity and lowest impurity levels. This ensures compliance with even the strictest regulations as well as guarantees outstanding quality and consistency. We are REACH and TPD compliant for Europe and will soon be submitting a TPMF (tobacco products master file) on NicSelect™ to the FDA that you can reference in your PMTA applications for the US.

Patches, gums & lozenges

The global market size of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products reached just above 3 billion USD in 2014 – an increase of almost 300% in a decade. The most common forms are gums, inhalers, lozenges, nasal sprays, skin patches. Today, the market size is similar to those of e-cigarettes and is still growing strongly as new delivery devices are developed and consumers are looking for alternatives to their current tobacco products.

Alchem International produces pharmaceutical-grade liquid nicotine and nicotine powder complexes specifically for these applications in cGMP certified facilities and supported by Drug Master Files (DMFs) for medicinal registration.


We are committed to the long-term success of this industry. Please feel free to Contact Us to discuss how we can help you succeed in this ever-changing regulatory landscape.

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