Introducing SelectSalts by NicSelect® – Rush Salts

Alchem’s Nicotine Rush salt is commercialized extensively in smoking cessation products globally and, supported by years of use and research, is now one of the more popular salts found in e-liquids.

What is a “Rush” Salt?

Our Nicotine Rush Salt has a near neutral taste when vaped, making it a popular choice for formulation with all types of liquids and flavor combinations.

For vapers, our salts provide an extremely smooth experience with a full-on nicotine rush. Our test panels noted it had the quickest uptake and hit and was the closest to a “cigarette like” hit.

How does this differ from common “Smooth” and “Hit” Salts?

In the marketplace today, it is common to see both “Smooth” and “Hit” salts available. However, due to the fact that our proprietary synthesis method does not require nicotine doping (use of additional free nicotine to achieve certain mg/ml concentrations), our product sets a new standard for Nicotine Salts. Our salts deliver on what salts are meant to be: a way to vape higher nicotine concentrations while minimizing throat irritation for users. There is no variance in how our Rush Salts hit and therefore cannot be classified simply as a “hit” or “smooth” salt, as our salt bases are 100% stable and uniform and do not use any nicotine doping. They are true salts that are completely bound and deliver the best vaping experience possible.

The Clear Leader In Nicotine Salts


SelectSalts™ upon synthesizing have a water-white/clear appearance, showing it has been synthesized correctly and is 100% homogeneously.


SelectSalts™ will oxidize naturally as is the nature of any nicotine product. You want some color change as oxidation occurs as it shows that there are no instances of bleaching or added chemicals. After being exposed to light, heat and oxygen for extensive amounts of time, SelectSalts™ will take on a light yellowish color while remaining as pure as the day it was made

Competitor bottle – brown

Nicotine salts that are not 100% bound and homogenous are prone to far more rapid oxidation, which will result in a brownish color. While this is normal, rapid oxidation indicates that the salt mixture is not 100% bound and homogenous and would imply nicotine doping.

Competitor bottle – red

Uncommon colors, such as red, green or blue strongly indicate measurable levels of impurities or additives in products. If a nicotine salt or freebase nicotine blend is any variation of these colors, proceed with caution as there is a strong likelihood that impurities are present.