At Alchem International, we understand that supply security is just as important to you as quality. We hold substantial nicotine EP/USP stocks in Europe and have a dedicated European customer service and sales office, which means:

We deliver high purity nicotine liquids and powders of superior quality, quickly & duty paid in the EU

You deal directly with a European based sales, warehouse & logistics team

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For more information or Customer Services Enquiries, speak to our expert team.

Contact Us Contact us for deliveries outside of Europe

Your supply is secured because you buy directly from the manufacturer, not a reseller or distributor

Our European customer service is professional and responsive

We also supply to Russia and CIS, and even further afield, contact our expert team to know more

Our Promise. 100% integrated, secured & traceable nicotine supply chain

Superior quality nicotine with outstanding stability, consistency, colour
& taste batch for batch.